Freelance Mobile Developer

Hello, let me introduce myself:

I am Enzo CONTY, and I am years old freelance developer and also a future PhD student

I am passionate about computer science for 5+ years now.
I learned multiples programming languages to be the most versatile.
I’ve worked on many projects that are interresting and allowed me to improve my skills.
I hope we can meet so I can introduce myself in person.

Kindly, Enzo CONTY

3 things I do enjoy in my jobs:
  • What I love the most, of course, is being wrong, learning why, and improving from that.
  • Work on complex problems and solve new challenges.
  • Creating the best content possible by putting myself in the user's shoes.

Why "It doesn't work" should be a banned sentence.

Every day, I heard someone on some Discord, Slack, StackOverflow or even on some Jira tickets saying: "I'm trying to do X and it doesn't work". And if you recognize yourself in this sentence, you need to stop saying that. Even if you're not an IT person.

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Why should you switch to a static portfolio website?

This is a blog post about my journey switching from a complex technical stack website to a much more maintainable one with almost no effort.

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What did I learn by making my first Hackathon? #Hack20 #FlutterHackathon

My first experience doing a Hackathon. There are my conclusions about this first Hackathon of mine and the overall experience. (It was a great experience! 👍)

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