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Why should you switch to a static portfolio website?

This is a blog post about my journey switching from a complex technical stack website to a much more maintainable one with almost no effort.

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What did I learn by making my first Hackathon? #Hack20 #FlutterHackathon

My first experience doing a Hackathon. There are my conclusions about this first Hackathon of mine and the overall experience. (It was a great experience! 👍)

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💙 #Flutter: Why should you use it? Pros of the cross-platform mobile framework of Google!

A small blog post to learn more about the specifics of the new cross-platform mobile framework and why you should adopt it!

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💙 Flutter - Why should you use WireDash.io for your user feedback ?

Introduction to Wiredash, a dependency to increase your user feedback rate and quality

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💙 Flutter: NavigationRail, the new widget of Flutter v1.17 !

Let's talk about one of the new widgets of Flutter v1.17: the NavigationRail widget. It allow us to easily create a sidebar for navigations or quick actions.

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